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Dr. Lamia Abi Aad

Dr. Lamia Abi Aad
Dr. Lamia Abi Aad
Dr. Lamia Abi Aad
Dr. Lamia Abi Aad

Aesthetic and Restorative Dentist

The philosophy of my practice is the minimal and non invasive dentistry. The conventional dentistry was based on the surgical model, which was the reparation of the destroyed tooth due to the progressive disease. Today the modern treatment of dental caries is more conservative, it includes:

– early detection of non-cavitated caries lesions- identification of the individual’s risk for caries progression- active surveillance to apply preventives measures

I have many loyal patients since more than 30 years and I strongly believe that Medical Practitioner Reputation and Patient Satisfaction are the two main elements in order to gain patients trust and earn their loyalty.

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